S e l e c t e d   P r i n t

New American Writing: "Post Punk Baptismal," "The Taxidermy Shop" 


S e l e c t e d    O n l i n e

Boston Accent Lit: "lantern,” “e(nig)m(a),” “spine,” “Immolation II"

Hermeneutic Chaos Journal: "Nightjar, an anatomy" 

This Magazine: “Still Death,” “Still, Life,” “Self Portrait with Fruit Pith,” “Mixed Media. 2010.” 

Souvenir Lit Journal: “Penelope | carpet loom, wool yarn and chenille | Chapel of Morumbi | 2011 | Everton photos Ballardin” 

Print Oriented Bastards: “Deer Kingdom” 

Nailed Magazine: “Attestation,” “Flail,” “Evenings,” “Passed Over”

Wildness: “Inland”

Vinyl: “Silver Pool”

Rogue Agent: “Portrait of Wrecks”

Vagabond City: “Dissociation as time travel,” “Hoofbeats

Inferior Planets: “3D”

The Collapsar: “Fever”  

Potluck Magazine: “calf-esque,” “there are things coming to eat us but they are wonderful things,” “help my little bird body be close to you”